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How to Turn Off Your Thinking Mind and Tune in to Your Body

A woman sitting cross legged on the floor stretching one arm overhead

This is way easier to say than to actually do for most of us! really is so important to give ourselves a break from the endless cycle of thoughts that are spinning around constantly in our noggins.

It is so important to let go and jump off that hamster wheel even if it is just for a short while and allow yourself to feel into the present moment while you tune in to your body.

Tune into your breath, quiet down the mind, sink into that beautiful energy of your body and your Self.

The more you get used to operating this way, the more naturally you will be able to do it which can allow you to feel the calm in the chaos and bring your body, mind and energy into a relaxed, clear state.

When you are calm, grounded and present you can operate from your best Self.

It takes practice and you must focus on it regularly in order to see the benefits.

Ways to bring yourself into a more embodied presence:

🧘‍♀️Mindfulness meditation

☯️Practicing yoga, tai chi or qi gong

🌳Walking in nature

💧Float tank

💆‍♀️Getting a massage or other form of bodywork

Make sure to do an embodiment activity every single day to keep your body, mind and soul balanced, vibrant, connected and healthy!

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